Production Company: Dresden Pictures

Director: Liam Garvo

Producer: James Heath

Line Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

Director of Photography: Ciro Candia

Cast: Kristian Nairn, Katie Sheridan, Benjamin Tuttlebee, Charlie Jones, Robert Nairn


Production Company: Any Alien

Director: DIAL

Producer: Alessandro Sale, Barbara Maria Hauser, Alice Gatti, Diego Indraccolo

DoP: Diego Indraccolo 

Winner Of: 
"Best Soundtrack" - Cortinametraggio 2018 
"Best Horror" - Austrian Film Festival 

Official Selection:
Kansas City FilmFest
Portland Horror Film Festival
Third Eye Film Festival
British Horror Film Festival
Alessandria Film Festival
Hollywood Verge Film Awards
Hell Chess Festival
Austrian Film Festival


Production Company: Black Bull Films

Shot in 2018 &  2019 in Southampton, UK


Our story opens in Calais, Northern France.

Father and son, Joe and Ivan are moored in a quiet marina, preparing for their return journey to the UK following a sailing trip. After years of mutual estrangement they finally seem to be healing the wounds of the past.

Their peace is shattered by the arrival of father and son Afran and Waleed, two desperate men from Afghanistan who board their boat and try to pay for Joe and Ivan to take them across to England.

When an argument escalates into an ugly altercation, one man is critically injured and they all have no choice but to set sail into the unknown across the English Channel.

Writer, Director: Leo DeHaan

Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

Executive Producer: Kurban Kassam

DoP: Jackie Teboul

Casting Director: Mandy Steele

Grade: Technicolor

Starring: Aneirin Hughes, Ali Ariaie, Lachlan McCall, Davoud Rastgou

The Mouse, 2021

Shot in 2019 in London. Currently in post-production.

Production Company: Resilient


A fugitive boy battles to catch a mouse from the London Underground and give it to the girl he loves.

Writer/Director: Theo Baines

Producer: Kurban Kassam, Barbara Maria Hauser

Line Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

Executive Producer: Judy Counihan

DoP: Nick Cooke

Casting Director: Des Hamilton

Starring: Finn Benett, Ben Batt, Jud Charlton, Suzette Llewellyn

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