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Honky Tonk Clay



Production Company: Any Alien

Record Label: Apparel Tronic

Director: DIAL

Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

DoP: Diego Indraccolo 

Gaffer: Jonny Ho 
SFX Make-up Designer: Katie Bridgeman 
Choreographer: Sam Stanley 
Stylist: Ria Poly
Costume Designer: Emma Thool Floreen

Editor: Matteo Motzo 

Grader: Diego La Rosa


MOMENT by Blanche

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Record Label: PIAS

Director: Eve Mahoney 

Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

Director of Photography: Eira Wyn Jones 

Production Manager: Chanel Parkinson

Art Director: Nuha Mekki

Editor: Edward Cooper @ Assembly Rooms

Post-production: Bubble TV

Colourist: Marty McMullen @ Silk

Love Is Magic

LOVE IS MAGIC by John Grant 

Production Company: Knucklehead

Record Label: Bella Union

Director: Fanny Hoetzeneder 

Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

Director of Photography: David Bird 

Editor: Charlie Von Rotberg

Humans: Nicci, Sandra and Jill

Dogs: Nala, Elsa, Leo, Fiz, Chelsey, Demelza and Matisse.


ULTRAVIOLET by Fred V & Grafix

Record Label: Hospital Records

Director: Stefano Margaritelli

Producer: Barbara Maria Hauser

DoP & VFX: Chris Lewis

Camera Operator: Courtney Andrews

Make-up: Rachel Keane

Editor: Gonçalo Sá Correia  

Choreography: Isabella Cosma

Commissioner: Radar

Music Record Label: Hospital Records

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